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What is the Colorless King?

The Colorless King, in its innocence, was a poem (right) that I wrote roughly a decade ago and has become much more. He is a character, all-knowing, all-suffusing, and at times nihilistic. The Colorless King is an umbrella mosaic where all human experience, philosophy, spirituality, theology and psychology converge into a kaleidoscope where Time becomes the oppressor and Love is its own destroyer and re-creator.

As these pieces come in, and as you watch and listen, you will notice pieces of stories and characters coming into view, this is intentional. Much like life and knowledge, only pieces at a time are clear and understandable until one has amassed enough information that the puzzle becomes the picture. A picture is worth a thousand words; here are the words: The Colorless King.

The Colorless King


I am the product of vanity and dissolution,

A gnarled web of false identity retribution;

I am the Paraclete of Desolation

And my throne is broken.

Fleeing from the cities, administrators, and boars

Whose halos I must scour to breathe,

I now tremble in the cold, dank pit from which I spit

Venom upon the shoes of lovely beasts

Who sing playfully of coveted things.

This is not privilege or honor,

This is the burden of no color – so why bother?


Now, I’ve lost myself, but I'm found by the Furies

Who laugh with me at venerable beauties;

I have a sick need for the tragedies of Love,

But my sword is dull from the hilt on up.


If God is here and present, I beg his forgiveness

For I’ve become a wanderer on the sands of Jericho

And the seas of wroth.

Now, I kneel before the cross of a god that is gone

Pleading for rescue from a world not of my own.

Until you come for me in that white greyhound bus

I’ll be waiting impatiently for the soothing words of “sweet child hush”

For the Bittersweet King

The Hateful King

The Powerless King

The Flowerless King

The Demonized King

The Endless King,


Who is singing to the guilty, the godless, the ashamed and dull,

"I have heard your call, for as               

The patron saint of the fallen

I absolve you all!"

O Father, no need for further correction,

For I am

The Colorless King

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