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Unseen voices; flaming bagpipes in the

Distance singing songs of love, loss, and hope;

Human treasures lost, not in a black hole,

But within the pale of reverie's ruin.

O! Weary traveler at pseudo-Death's door,

Moments paid with cost of woe, listen clear,

We beckon; the road to Life seems futile,

But near is the presence that seems so far!

A measure of the tryst betwixt us is

Fettered wire candled by stars in the dark.

Let airy voice rebuke shame and shatter

Self-hatred with cosmic embrace. Hear our

Echoes of fire and wind through lush, still hills;

Upon our shoulder, you'll always find Home.

-J.F. Peri


The Art of Abandonment, Volume 1: Gravitation/Separation Synthesis!

Produced by Kenny Miller, Jump Frog Studio

Cover Art by Kacey Miller

All Songs / Poems written and arranged by J.F. Peri (Smiley Cain)

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