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This is the official blog of Smiley Cain. This is where you will find original poetry, musings, thought experiments, and snippets of scenes and quotes from the expansive universe of The Rumination of the Colorless King (an ongoing story written by myself that will eventually be released) and its plethora of characters. Any and all music produced henceforth is directly tied to this story.

"Little by little,

All the little pieces

Fall distinctly together,

Little by little.


Riddle by riddle,

All the little chess pieces

Intersect in the middle,

Riddle by riddle." -- Jonah, written by J.F. Peri



Updated: Oct 20, 2020

"Finding the difference between my manufactured dreams

And ethereal wishes;

A feeble attempt, at best.

Love as proof of existence

Becoming fantasies of innocence

Imploding as a vessel in the abyss.

As the kin of dissection,

I reserve the right to vaporize my truths

And exonerate my imagination

With expedition, and execute love

As an unworthy opponent.

Don't tell me I have lost the faith and must regain,

For I am the dragon devouring itself to quench an internal inferno.

And I am the last image I shall in the mirror

Before my eyes fall from my skull

And my tongue whips the bull.

Where was it that I lost the impulse for adventure?

Life as a series of unlived moments.

See the horns growing?" -- Rhett Paternoster, by J.F. Peri

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