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This is the official blog of Smiley Cain. This is where you will find original poetry, musings, thought experiments, and snippets of scenes and quotes from the expansive universe of The Rumination of the Colorless King (an ongoing story written by myself that will eventually be released) and its plethora of characters. Any and all music produced henceforth is directly tied to this story.

"Little by little,

All the little pieces

Fall distinctly together,

Little by little.


Riddle by riddle,

All the little chess pieces

Intersect in the middle,

Riddle by riddle." -- Jonah, written by J.F. Peri


Shadow Walk

The trees, they whisper to me

Some ancient language I'm learning to hear,

And in the dark of night,

As they stretch their long fingers towards me,

I lean in closer to hear more clearly.

Only a slight gloss of due

In the moonlight and chirping crickets,

As I tussle through the thickets;

And I scarcely notice the briar

Between their trunks.

It's that loosely saddened glaze

In the knots of their eyes

That pulls me in closer.

Leaning over patches of rising mushrooms,

I gently pick at their loose bark

And I feel a slight shiver as I say,

"Dearest friend, I am lost.

I stand here before you looking for your wisdom

That you willfully provide;

Yet I am ashamed to say,

I have lost my way

And no longer recall the language of which you speak.

"Bare me your magick.

I no longer need the diamond or the wheel,

The salary or the deal,

The TV or the gear.

Speak once more, tell my why I'm here."

And the tree whispers back, "I am still here."

The ecosystem was always completely balanced before MAN showed up...

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